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 IngredientsAllergen Information
Neuf Chatel Heart

Unpasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter Culture, Mould Culture.

Cows Milk, Unpasteurised


Pasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter Culture, Mould Culture

Cows Milk, Pasteurised

Lincoln Blue

Cows Milk, Salt, Rennet, Starter Culture, Penicillium Roqueforti.

Cows Milk, Pasteurised, Suitable for: Vegetarians


Pasteurized manchega sheep´s milk, salt, rennet, cheese cultures, calcium chloride and lysozyme (from egg).
On rind: E-235 (preservative) y E-150d (colouring). E202 Potassium Sorbate.

Pasteurised, Sheeps Milk. Contains: Eggs, Suitable for: Vegetarians

Blue Stilton

Pasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Rennet, Starter Culture, Mould Culture

Cows Milk

Red Leicester

Pasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Rennet, Starter Culture, Annatto (E160b)

Cows Milk, Pasteurised. Suitable for: Vegetarians

Mature Cheddar

Pasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Rennet, Starter Culture

Cows Milk, Pasteurised. Suitable for: Vegetarians

Betty Cheese Wedding Cake


7 layer Betty cheese wedding cake serves 150-200 guests.

Top Layer Neufchatel Heart

Diameter 9.5cm, Depth 3cm, Weight 0.2kg

Heart-shaped cheese with a white bloomy rind made in Normandy is sometimes referred to as similar to Camembert, but it has a saltier, sharper taste.

Second Layer – Tunworth

Diameter 11cm, Depth 3.5cm, Weight 0.25kg

Handmade using traditional rennet and pasteurised milk from a local herd, slowly ripened to capture the flavour of the creamy milk, producing a unique British cheese.

Third Layer – Lincoln Blue

Diameter 14cm, Depth 5cm, Weight 0.8kg

An exceptionally creamy, mature blue cheese, coated in a pale yellow wax to retain moisture.

Fourth Layer – Manchego

Diameter 19cm, Depth 10cm, Weight 3kg

A small cylinder of Manchego cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain. This sheeps milk cheese is very firm with distinctive flavours.

Fifth Layer –  Blue Stilton

Diameter 21cm, Depth 5cm, Weight 2kg

A creamy coloured Blue Stilton with distinctive blue veining throughout the whole cheese.

Sixth Layer –  Red Leicester

Diameter 24cm, Depth 8cm, Weight 4kg

One of our most popular Farmhouse Territorial cheeses. Matured for at least 3 months our Red Leicester is a tasty alternative to coloured cheddar.

Bottom Layer –  Mature Cheddar

Diameter 30cm, Depth 5cm, Weight 5kg

A mature cheddar cut to shape for a wedding cake base.

Approx weight 15.25kg

Supplied undecorated