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We supply different types of yogurts in 10kg and 5kg buckets, from the regular very low fat natural to strained yogurt, whereby the process where the yogurt has been strained to remove the liquid whey. It is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt and has hardly any water.  

Our most popular yogurt is premium quality Greek-style yogurt. Used by top chefs, it has that extra thickness and creamy texture. Made from cow’s milk and traditional Greek yogurt cultures to give that thick creamy taste.

Delicious on its own, or with honey, nuts, or a perfect ingredient for sources, dips, and traditional Greek tzatziki. 



      Very Low Fat 

      Thick & Creamy  

      Greek Style 

      Strained Curd (No water) 


                     10kg / 5kg 

                     10kg /5kg


                     10kg / 5kg


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