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Types of Cheeses We Use for Our Cheese Wedding Cakes

Mature Cheddar

A mature cheddar cut to shape for a wedding cake base.


A soft French cheese with a smooth paste but wrinkly outer texture. The rind is washed with diluted annatto to give it an orangey hue without tainting the flavour.


Handmade using traditional rennet and pasteurised milk from a local herd, slowly ripened to capture the flavour of the creamy milk, producing a unique British cheese.

Lincoln Blue

An exceptionally creamy, mature blue cheese, coated in a pale yellow wax to retain moisture.

Godminster Organic Cheddar

Vintage Encased in a burgundy wax, this is a delicious, creamy salty-sweet flavoured organic vintage cheddar.

Neufchatel Heart

This heart-shaped cheese with a white bloomy rind made in Normandy is sometimes referred to as similar to Camembert, but it has a saltier, sharper taste.

Cornish Yarg

Hand-made by Lynher Dairies in Cornwall and wrapped in nettle leaves. Cornish Yarg is creamy under the rind and crumbly at the core. 

French Brie

A mild, mould ripened Brie from Vosges, with a milky flavour and a light hint of hazelnut.


A strong and creamy mature cheddar drum coated in black wax.

Blue Stilton

A creamy coloured Blue Stilton with distinctive blue veining throughout the whole cheese.


Gubbeen with Washed Rinds are pinkish with a white bloom – this rind, or crust, is actually a triple layered bloom of different organisms.

Tete de Moine

The cheese treat from the Swiss Jura turned into rosettes. It is made from untreated mountain pasture milk. Tête de Moine is not sliced, but rather shaped into fine rosettes with a carving device such as the girolle or pirouette.

Cashel Blue

A semi soft, hand made pasteurised approachable cows milk blue, with a subtle tang offset by a gentle creamy edge.

Red Storm

Smartly dressed in vivid red wax, Red Storm® boasts serious vintage credentials, aged for typically 18 months creating an intense flavour and refined texture.

Crozier Blue

Crozier Blue by is the only blue cheese in Ireland made from ewes milk. 

Snowdonia Black Bomber

Where Cheddars are concerned, multi-award winning Black Bomber® is a modern classic. Flagship cheese marries a delicious rich flavour with a smooth creaminess, lasting long on the palate but remaining demandingly moreish!

Camembert Rustique

A creamy, soft Camembert cheese made in Normandy by Le Rustique, a popular, well known brand of French cheeses.

Wensleydale & Cranberry

A delicious blend of Wensleydale cheese with pieces of moist cranberries speckled throughout the cheese creating a sweet, fruity taste.

Oak Smoked

Smoked over oak chippings. Oak Smoked Cheddar is also produced from the milk of pedigree Holsteins, by our expert cheesemakers.

Red Leicester

One of our most popular Farmhouse Territorial cheeses. Matured for at least 3 months our Red Leicester is a tasty alternative to coloured cheddar.

Cornish Blue

This mould rinded, blue cheese has a complex range of flavours, balanced with the blue tone, it leaves a buttery, tangy after taste.

Cornish Brie

A delicious, mild, creamy flavoured Brie with a melting, smooth flavour, made by the Cornish Country Larder.

Lancashire Blue

Twice winner of the Best Blue cheese in the UK at the International Cheese Awards. Soft and creamy, Lancashire Blue is produced using milk from our herd of pedigree Holsteins.

Old Smokey

An oak smoked, mature cheddar cheese. Gently oak smoked to develop a subtle smoked flavour and is then coated in black wax.

Northumberland Original

This mild handmade cheese is extremely versatile. Cool, silky texture bursts into a rich, buttery flavour with a satisfying finish. Melts super smoothly.


A small cylinder of Manchego cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain. This sheeps milk cheese is very firm with distinctive flavours.


A mild Dutch Gouda from the Belle de Hollande brand of Vandersterre. This cheese is mild in flavour with a slight nuttiness to the taste and smooth texture.

White Cheshire

A mild and milky Cheshire cheese with an excellent, slightly tangy after taste and a firm but crumbly texture.

Double Gloucester

Handmade Double Gloucester has a creamy mellow flavour with a buttery texture.

Crumbly Lancashire

Crumbly Lancashire, is an amazingly tangy and moist cheese. Fresh and zesty, it’s a prime of example of how Crumbly Lancashire should be.

Cote Hill Blue

Cote Hill Blue is a soft blue cheese made with unpasteurised milk. It has a natural rind and contains cows milk.

Colston Basset Baby Stilton

A rich cream colour with even blue veining throughout. The texture of the cheese is smooth and creamy with a mellow flavour that balances sweet and savoury notes.

Bleu De Cause

This blue veined cheese from the Midi-Pyrérées region of France has a smooth, creamy texture and a sweet yet powerful flavour

Brillat Saverin

This cheese is very mild with a velvety texture and a hint of lemon alongside the milky flavour. It is a triple cream Brie that is luscious, creamy and faintly sour. 

Danish Blue

A crumbly blue cheese from the Danish brand, Castello. This cheese is tangy, full of flavour and creamy whilst still crumbly.

Inglewhite Buffalo Cloth Wrap

A hard pressed cheddar type cheese produced with milk from our own herd of water buffalo.