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Our Mozzarella is not only delicious, but it also melts and stretches perfectly, making it ideal for any type of oven. Mozzarella is made with only the finest ingredients; your customers will love the taste. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

We also manufacture cheese alternatives and analogue cheeses which are oil-based. These are available in grated and shredded and are ideal for pizzas, jacket potatoes, and chips. 

All our cheeses are made from cow’s milk

Types of Blends and Packaging

Pure products

      100% Mozzerella 

      80% Mozzarella / 20% Cheddar

      70% Mozzarella / 30% Cheddar






Cheese Alternatives

      Grated 100 

      Grated 8020 

      Grated 7030

      Grated Pizza Blend







      Grated 80/20 

      Grated 70/30 

      Grated 50/50





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