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Snowdonia Natures Nectar cheese

Natures Nectar

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Golden yellow wax coated Mature Cheddar blended with rum and honey marinated figs with a savoury taste and sweet and alcohol notes from the rum, fig and honey. The cheese has a smooth creamy texture with crunch from the fig seeds and savoury aroma with definite alcohol notes and sweetness from the figs and honey. The cheese is pale creamy yellow in appearance with visible pieces of fig and fig seed throughout

Ingredients: Mature Cheddar Cheese (Milk) (81%), Dried Figs (13%), Rum (3%), Honey (3%)

Open shelf life: 3 days

Do not eat the wax, remove prior to eating. Product is ready to eat and is suitable for cooking. Best served at room temperature to appreciate full flavour. Cover any cut surface to prevent premature mould growth or excessive dryness when stored in the fridge.

Allergen Information:
Cows Milk