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El Gringo Chilli, Lime & Tequilla cheese

El Gringo Chilli, Lime & Tequilla

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The Legendary most wanted 'El Gringo' combines the finest mature Cheddar cheese blended with fiery green Jalapeno chilli, a splash of lime and a glug of tequila. A unique and tasty speciality cheese that is great on its own or meltingly delicious baked onto some nachos with a side of guacomole, sour cream and salsa. Our very own mexican bandit El Gringo will arrive to you in an attractive lime green wax jacket. Nicknamed the 'Most Wanted' because you will want more and more of this unique flavoured cheese!

Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese, Green Jalapeno pepper 0.7%, Red Chilli Flakes 0.6%, Green Pepper Flakes 0.5%, Tequila 2.4%, Lime Oil 0.04%

Allergen Information:
Cows Milk, Pasteurised
Contains: Milk
Suitable for: Vegetarians