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cheese wedding cakes

Serves 45-65 guests. 4 Layer cheese cake includes Langres, Tete de Moine, Cashel Blue and Red Storm

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4 layer Gabriella cheese cake serves 45-65 guests.

Top Layer - Langres

Diameter 7cm, Depth 4cm, Weight 0.18kg

A soft French cheese with a smooth paste but wrinkly outer texture. The rind is washed with diluted annatto to give it an orangey hue without tainting the flavour.

Second Layer - Tete de Moine

Diameter 10cm, Depth 9cm, Weight 0.9kg

The cheese treat from the Swiss Jura turned into rosettes. It is made from untreated mountain pasture milk. Tête de Moine is not sliced, but rather shaped into fine rosettes with a carving device such as the girolle or pirouette.

Third Layer - Cashel Blue

Diameter 14cm, Depth 9cm, Weight 1.5kg

A semi soft, hand made pasteurised approachable cows milk blue, with a subtle tang offset by a gentle creamy edge.

Bottom Layer - Red Storm

Diameter 19cm, Depth 8cm, Weight 2kg

Smartly dressed in vivid red wax, Red Storm® boasts serious vintage credentials, aged for typically 18 months creating an intense flavour and refined texture.


Total weight 4.58kg

                          Supplied undecorated                                                 

Ingredients Allergen Information
Thermised Cows Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter Culture
Cows Milk, French, Thermised
Tete de Moine

Unpasteurised cows Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter Culture

Cows Milk
Cashel Blue Pasteurised cows whole milk; vegetarian rennet, calcium chloride, microbial cultures, penicillium roquefortii, and salt. Cows Milk, Pasteurised
Red Storm Milk 97.9%, Microbial Rennet 0.07%, Salt 1.80%, DVI cultures< 0.09%, Colour (Annatto) 0.14% Cows Milk, Suitable for: Vegetarians