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Greek Salad with Cherry Tomatoes & Greek Vegan Fetta Cheese

PREP TIME: 10 minutes




200g Violife Greek White (cut in cubes)

300g cherry tomatoes (sliced)

1 large cucumber (sliced)

100g mixed olives

1 medium sized onion (sliced)

1 green pepper (sliced)

1 red pepper (sliced and random shaps)



½ cup olive oil

¼ cup apple vinegar

Lemon juice

Fresh and dried oregano

1 tsp mustard (mild)

Fresh parsley

Salt and freshly ground pepper




In a mixer blend together all the ingredients for the dressing. In a salad bowl add all the ingredients for the salad and the dressing, and mix thoroughly.


How simple was that!


Tip: for a more crunchy cucumber, just slightly remove some of the green outers with a peeler, keeping some of the green for looks, slice in half and remove the centre waterly bit.


Original Recipe: violife foods